Our Services

We provide a variety of services and products to suit your floral needs.

Wedding Florals

We work with our couples to design exquisite florals to make their vision a reality. Florals are a key piece to a wedding day as they are captured forever in memories and photographs.

Floral Design

We craft one of a kind designs created specifically for your space. Service Contracts available to keep you in season and always fresh.

C.S.A. Bouquets

Our C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) bouquets are available with your weekly or bi-weekly delivery from Pine Hollow Farms LLC ( Formerly Powder Keg Farms LLC ). These are comprised of what we have in season and available on the farm.


The loss of a loved one is difficult for everyone. We offer arrangements for your funeral and sympathy needs.

General Floristry

We offer a variety of florals to suit your everyday needs. From Happy Birthday & Congratulations arrangements to corsages & boutonnieres.

Other Products & Services

We offer other unique products & services to suit your seasonal needs.

Why do we not offer wire services?

We do not offer or fill orders from wire services or "Order Takers", as we refer to them. The reason behind this is two-fold. Wire services such as: 1-800-flowers, F.T.D. and others charge an extremely high price for arrangements to the consumer, and DO NOT convey that in large to the Florist or Floral Designer that they have fill the order. For Example: An arrangement is ordered by a consumer on their site for $139.99, they then use one of their florists who are on their service to fill the order. In return they pay the florist $40.00. This means that in order for the florist to be able to make the arrangement and not take a loss the consumer gets shorted. They receive an arrangement that is made with less flowers and/or of a lesser quality. Meaning, using old flowers that should not be sold because they will not last as long or do not have the lasting beauty in the vase that they should have.

Our Clients deserve to get what they pay for.

The second reason that we do not take wire orders is that it devalues us and our peers. We have spent a LOT of money and time learning our craft, not to mention the innate artistic skill that we have and deserve to be fairly compensated for it. This being said, we do what we can to help mitigate costs. Here at Falling Run Flowers & Design we also have a Micro-Flower Farm. Where we grow many of the botanicals that we use. This means a few different things. Firstly, we cut out the middle man between us and the farmers who produce those products meaning we have a considerable savings and that savings gets passed on to you the consumer. Secondly, we control what is on and in the botanical products we grow. This means that we can ensure that no pesticides, herbicides or industrial fertilizers are sprayed on them or added to the soil in which they grow. Which means that both you and us are protected from the harmful effects of those pesticides, herbicides and industrial fertilizers. Lastly, some types of flowers do not travel well, meaning they can't be reliably shipped. Some of the types of blooms that we grow fall into this category and because we grow them here on site they are available for us to use for you.

We Love Local !

We are Proud to be members of our community and as such we are proud to offer and showcase products made by our many talented and skilled individuals and small businesses locally within our community. We are always seeking to support, promote and partner with the many great talents and products that can be found within our local community and the community of Wedding Professionals we are honored to be a part of. We are happy to make recommendations and referrals.